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6 Ways To Use Jasmine doTERRA Essential Oil

The perfume of doTERRA Jasmine essential oil is sweet, flowery, fresh, and new, as opposed to the scent of doTERRA Touch® Jasmine, which is created from jasmine absolute. Jasmine oil, with deeply peaceful and relaxing undertones, may be diffused or breathed to assist meditation and create an uplifting and inspirational environment. Jasmine oil, when used topically, promotes healthy-looking, bright skin and can give skin and hair a nourished, refreshed appearance. Add a drop to a peaceful bath or a soothing massage to catch both the fragrant and topical applications of Jasmine at the same time.


It has a rich and enticing scent. Until recently, the only method to capture the fragrant essence of the delicate petals was through a laborious process of extracting the volatiles from the waxes and resins. Because of the delicate quality of the jasmine petals, steam distillation was not possible. Through steam distillation, doTERRA has successfully extracted the pure and natural essential oil of jasmine blossoms after years of study.

Primary Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil

  • Provides a comforting and encouraging aroma
  • Creates an elevating and inspiring environment 
  • Promotes healthy looking skin

Fun Facts about Jasmine Essential Oil

This steam-distilled Jasmine essential oil extraction is the first of its type and is not available commercially anywhere else in the world!

How do I use Jasmine Oil?

Bath: Add one drop of Jasmine oil to a warm bath for a luxurious spa scent that will enchant your senses as you bathe.

Massage: Incorporate one to two drops of Jasmine oil with a neutral carrier oil, such as Fractionated Coconut Oil, into a relaxing massage to create a mesmerizing and comforting smell.

Skin Care: Dab one to two drops of Jasmine essential oil on selected areas and fine wrinkles on the face and neck to give your skin a radiant, healthy-looking appearance. Then apply your preferred doTERRA moisturizer.

Hair Care: To give hair a nourished appearance, add one or two drops of Jasmine oil to any homemade essential oil hair mist or serum, or massage a drop straight into the scalp once a week.

Personal Aroma:  Apply one drop of Jasmine essential oil to the pulse points of your wrists and neck for an unforgettable perfume aroma. Wear it on its own, or use it as a floral base layer with floral or earthy essential oils in a personalized essential oil perfume or cologne blend.

Diffusion: To create a romantic, stimulating environment, diffuse one drop of Jasmine essential oil in your home or business.

Diffuser Blend Recipe


  • 3 drops Jasmine
  • 3 drops Tangerine
  • 2 drops Lavender

Blooming Flower

  • 2 drops Jasmine
  • 2 drops of Geranium
  • 2 drops Lavender


  • 1 drop Jasmine
  • 2 drops Ylang Ylang
  • 2 drops Cedarwood
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