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Frankincense - The King of Essential Oils

From early history, Frankincense has been known as the king of oils and highly valued for its numerous health and beauty benefits. In fact, ancient civilizations considered it one of the most esteemed substances. It was used not only as an adjunct to health but for mental clarity and well being, and for religious practices. It is derived from the resin of the Boswellia tree, which can be found on rocky slopes and in certain coastal areas of Ethiopia, Somalia, Oman and Yemen.

The scent of frankincense has been described as exotic and spicy. It’s a truly unique scent; but, more importantly, this precious oil has numerous health-promoting properties.

Frankincense Trees


Frankincense Trees, Boswellia sacra, olibanum tree, Homhil Plateau, Socotra Island, Yemen

The scent of frankincense has been described as exotic and spicy. It’s a truly unique scent; but, more importantly, this precious oil has numerous health-promoting properties.

Fantastic Benefits

Among the most versatile of essential oils, it can be used topically as a means of encouraging cell turnover and rejuvenating skin, as well as reducing irritation due to a number of causes including razor burn, mild rashes or general skin sensitivity.  When added to your favorite moisturizer or lotion, it gives the skin a rejuvenating and hydrating boost that is perfect for use in the drying winter months. This also goes for nails! Try adding it to dry, brittle nails or cuticles to encourage healthy growth.

When taken internally, either a drop under your tongue or placed in a veggie capsule, frankincense acts as an immunity booster and produces a healthy inflammatory response. It speeds up whole body healing and encourages healthy cell rejuvenation. Its primary internal usage is related to general health and recovery from stress, and a variety of and immune related conditions. This makes it an excellent choice for both acute and long-term health needs.


In addition, many people find this oil’s fragrance to be both invigorating and relaxing. This makes it a great choice for use as a room and furniture spray. It can be mixed with other oils or used individually. Simply dilute with water in a spray bottle and use it throughout your home. Putting frankincense in a diffuser is a terrific way to start the day, as the scent encourages mental clarity and peace of mind. Adding peppermint to a drop of frankincense creates enhances these benefits. People enjoy going through their morning routines and setting the day’s intentions with the relaxing aroma of frankincense in the background.

Frankincense can be blended with a number of other oils for diffusion. Citrus oils such as lemon and orange are excellent choices as are other common oils including Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang. With a little research and some trials, you will be able to develop the perfect mixture for your specific needs.


Considering its many beneficial properties, frankincense is the essential oil that you want to be sure to have on hand at all times. Its uses are virtually endless. It’s a good oil to take with you on the go, whether it’s a fast trip to the park or a long road trip. Because of its versatility, there is a saying: “When in doubt, try frankincense!” If you aren’t already a fan, try it out. You’ll love its woodsy, clean aroma and its many uses.

How I've Used Frankincense

1. Put 1-2 drops under the tongue in the morning and afternoon.

2. Inhale during prayer or meditation.

3. Apply to scars or dark spots to reduce appearance of wrinkles.

4. Apply a drop to the big toe with Vetiver before bed.

5. Add a drop to facial lotion.

6. Apply over the forehead and back of the neck for brain boost.

7. Apply with peppermint the roof of the mouth for head tension.

8. Apply with lotion around eyes and reduce fine lines. 

9. Apply over the heart during anxious moments. 

10. Roll down the spine to boost the immune system. 

11. Diffuse with citrus for mental fatigue. 

12.Apply to minor burns and scrapes.

13. Apply to breasts with pink pepper daily for cell support. 

14. Combine with Myrrh for glowing skin. 

15.Take 2 drops each with peppermint and lemon in honey for irritated throat or cough. 

16. Mix with tea tree to cleanse owies.

17. Mix with Breathe on the bottom of feet to support clear breathing. 

18. Add to a veggie cap with turmeric for brain support. 

19. Add a drop to pet food for immune boost. 

20. Add 4 drops to 3 cups Epsom salts, plus 5 drops lavender for a calming detox bath.

21. Diffuse two drops with Peace to reduce anger.

22. Rub over the neck to reduce tension. 

23. Massage down the spine with lavender to calm the senses. 

24. Take in a veggie cap with oregano and lemon to boost the immune system.

25. Take 2 drops each with Copaiba under the tongue for nervous system support. 

26. Use with coconut oil for chapped lips.

27. Mix with lavender and apply around the ears to soothe discomfort.

28. Layer over Deep Blue and warm compress to soothe tense muscles or achy joints. 

29. Apply over blemishes. 

30. Diffuse during yoga. 

31. Layer over other essential oils to amplify the benefits.

32. Take 2 drops daily for whole body support.

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