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Guaiacwood doTERRA's Essential Oil Holy Wood

Guaiacwood is frequently used in perfumes and skincare. Native Americans have utilized guaiacwood in meditation and health ceremonies for millennia. Guaiacwood essential oil is steam distilled from the heartwood of the Bulnesia sarmientoi tree and has an earthy, anchoring scent with a slight sweetness. Guaiacwood is combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil and may be applied topically as well as aromatically. Its woody aroma creates a relaxing and peaceful ambiance.


The Bulnesia sarmientoi tree, often known as palo santo (meaning “holy wood”), is endemic to South America’s Gran Chaco region. This tree’s famous wood is strong, hefty, and durable, with a lovely scent. The sweet-smelling Guaiacwood essential oil is extracted from the tree’s heartwood using steam distillation.

Aromatically and topically, guaiacwood essential oil can be utilized. Its rich, woody scent promotes a peaceful, rooted environment. The earthy-sweet perfume may be enjoyed by diffusing it, applying it to your hands, wrists, or neck, or simply enjoying it directly from the container. Topical use of Guaiacwood may relieve mild skin irritations and enhance your skin’s natural moisture.

Primary Benefits of Guaiacwood Essential Oil

  • Earthy, grounding aroma with a subtle sweetness
  • Soothes minor skin irritations
  • Provides a calming, tranquil atmosphere
  • Diffuse as a supportive aroma during yoga or meditation

Fun Facts about Guaiacwood Essential Oil

Native Americans have utilized guaiacwood for millennia in meditation and health rites.

How Do I use Guaiacwood Essential Oil

Shoulder Massage: Apply one to two drops of Guaiacwood oil on your shoulders and gently massage into your skin for a grounding shoulder massage.

Skincare: Incorporate a couple of drops of Guaiacwood oil into your daily skincare regimen to help soothe and hydrate the skin while boosting the appearance of healthy-looking skin.

Meditation: For a grounding, calming aroma, apply Guaiacwood oil on pulse points during morning or afternoon affirmations.

Diffusion: Diffuse Guaiacwood oil in your favorite diffuser for a comforting, peaceful scent during your yoga or meditation practice.

Guaiacwood Diffuser Blends Recipe


  • 2 drops Guaiacwood
  • 2 drops Bergamot
  • 1 drop Frankincense

Calm and Clear

  • 2 drops Guaiacwood
  • 2 drops Lavender
  • 3 drops doTERRA Balance


  • 2 drops Guaiacwood
  • 2 drops Cedarwood
  • 2 drops Lemongrass
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