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The Best Essential Oils for Achy Muscles and Joints

Do you have one of those days where you are enjoying your time with your family or just doing daily activities where your body starts to ache and disrupt the whole day?

There are different ways to relieve achy muscles and joints like over-the-counter pain medication but sometimes we just need rest and some treatment at home for body aches which also minimizes the risk of possible side effects of medications.

While regular exercise and physical therapy like massages are encouraged to relieve the body of pain, I will share some natural ways to level these methods up to help ease your discomfort by using essential oils and natural solutions.

What you need

Copaiba, Turmeric, and Frankincense. Copaiba is a powerful antioxidant that helps calm the Nervous System. This essential oil is also known to soothe sore and tired muscles after strenuous activities. Turmeric is also a good source of daily antioxidant support and helps improve the metabolism. Like Copaiba, this oil provides relief when massaged over areas of discomfort. Frankincense’s soothing properties promote feelings of relaxation. Its warm and rich aroma helps ground feelings after a long day of work.

Tip: Apply a drop of each to the affected areas three times daily.

Deep Blue® Rub (Soothing Cream). This is a topical cream perfect for a massage after an intense workout, or any strained or achy areas of your body. Deep Blue Rub is a blend of plant extracts which also has moisturizing properties that leave your skin feeling soft and not greasy.

Tip: Massage lotion into the affected areas after applying the oils three times daily.

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex®. This supplement contains polyphenols that provide soothing support to aching muscles and joints. It works well when used with Deep Blue® Rub and Deep Blue Soothing Oil Blend to promote healthy mobility throughout the entire body.

Tip: Take two capsules in the evening with food.

Additional Support

Marjoram. This is a calming essential oil that can be used topically and aromatically. Marjoram has a positive effect on the nervous system that helps lessen feelings of stress and calming properties that help relax emotions. This is a perfect oil to add to a soothing massage blend to bring relief to tired and stressed muscles.

Tip: Diffuse during reflection or meditation and apply topically on affected areas.

Lemongrass. This essential oil has a pungent aroma perfect for massage. Applying this oil topically soothes the body after exertion during physical activity. It also helps promote a positive outlook and eliminate mental fatigue when diffused.

Tip: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice.

Wintergreen. This oil has a sweet, minty, and refreshing aroma that can be both uplifting and stimulating to the senses. Wintergreen oil  contains methyl salicylate which is ideal oil for post-workout massage.

Tip: Dilute with Fractionated Coconut Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity and apply one to two drops to desired area.

Myrrh. The woody and herbaceous notes of Myrrh essential oil is perfect to promote emotional balance and help uplift your spirit when diffused. Myrrh oil is also known for its soothing properties that help improve the appearance of skin, as well as relieving pain when applied topically.

Tip: Use three to four drops in the diffuser of your choice. Apply topically to affected areas.

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