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My business experience of creating income with doTERRA started in April of 2010 and I am forever grateful I chose that path. 2 weeks later I hosted and taught at my first event about the power of essential oils and natural health. I was immediately filled with a desire to share these gifts of the Earth with the world and I will be happy to help you get started.

There are three types of people who join the company.

The first type is excited to live a natural solutions lifestyle. When they learn about the power of essential oils they can’t wait to share the products with their family. We support this type of person by providing free essential oil education. This type of person is called a Wholesale Customer. 

 The second type naturally wants to share what they love. We support this type of person through a generous system to reward people who share the products. As these people consistently share over time, they can have their oils they purchase paid for each month.

The third type of person wants to change people’s lives through educating people about the power of essential oils. They get rewarded through an incredibly generous compensation plan. The second and third type of people are called Wellness Advocates. As these people educate others about the power of essential oils, they can earn enough to supplement or even replace their income so they can become financially free. This is in fact what I do. I am this third type of person. Which type are you? Pick one and contact me and I would be happy to support you with whichever path you choose. 

All Wholesale Customers and Wellness Advocates receive 25-55% discount, (starting at 25%) on all products with the opportunity to receive free products and participate in generous promotions. 

If you know already which type of person you are, you can contact me and I will hep you get started or you can click on the button below.

Wellness Advocates may receive income and here are the main ways we get paid.

1. Fast Start

Fast Start allows all Wellness Advocates to earn a bonus on individuals they share essential oils with and then help enroll. Each Wellness Advocate wanting to earn Fast Start needs to have a 100PV Loyalty Rewards Order to participate. This includes essential oil or any products. Fast Start is paid weekly on the PV from the orders a new Wellness Advocate places in their first 60 days. When essential oils are part of your wellness lifestyle, it’s easy to share with others. 

2. Power of 3

Power of 3 is built on two main elements: structure and the Loyalty Rewards Program. There are three Power of 3 Bonuses that you can earn: $50, $250, and $1500. Each bonus is achieved through proper placement of members placing 100+ PV orders and team volume as described below. The Power of 3 bonus is simple if you focus on building your 50 and then help others do the same. 

$50: You must have three personally sponsored Wellness Advocates with 100 PV Loyalty Rewards orders and a total of 600 Team Volume. (Team Volume includes your personal order, the orders of your frontline and retail orders.

 $250: Your three frontline team members must each earn their $50 power of 3 bonus. They need to have three qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates with a minimum of 600 Team Volume. 

 $1500: Your three frontline must earn their $250, which means you are helping them teach their 3 qualifying people to earn their own $50. Your nine second-level qualified Wellness Advocates also must each have three qualified, personally sponsored Wellness Advocates enrolled with a minimum of 600 Team Volume.

 This is the first of many times you will have the opportunity to empower the people on your team to reach a new bonus. If you teach those on your team to focus on their $50, it can help everyone reach their highest power of three goal.

3. Unilevel

Unilevel does not start out as the bulk of your check, but as you build over time, it can definitely be the most significant part of your doTERRA income. Here are a few key things to note that make it the key to a strong, residual income opportunity.

The highest percentage is earned on lower levels. 

Unlike many other companies, doTERRA’s compensation plan lets you earn the highest percentage on the lower levels. As you grow or mentor your team leaders and structure efficiently for rank, you will see your team grow wider on your deeper levels. This means the lowest percentages are earned on the smaller groups of people and the highest levels earned on the largest groups. Look at the difference in payout with the comparison to the left.

There is no breakage in payout. 

doTERRA’s Unilevel is set up to make sure there is no breakage in payout. If someone below you doesn’t qualify to earn the Unilevel on another member’s order it will roll up to you. This happens throughout every level of your organization!

4. Rank Bonuses/Leadership Pools

Rank bonuses are paid out as leadership and performance pool shares. The leadership and performance pools are determined based on set percentages from global commission sales volume (CV). Each month rank is achieved a builder can be paid out in these pools according to the number of shares that are earned.

Each pool is a little different, so let’s look at them individually.

Leadership Performance Pool 

     This pool is made up of 2 percent Global PV 

     Silvers earn 1 share Golds earn 5 shares 

     Platinums earn 10 shares

Diamond Performance Pool 

     This pool is made up of 1 percent Global PV 

     Diamonds earn 1 share Blue Diamonds earn 2 shares 

     Presidential Diamonds earn 3 shares

Diamond Pool 

     This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV 

     Diamonds earn 3 shares

Blue Diamond Pool 

     This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV 

     Blue Diamonds earn 3 shares

Presidential Diamond Pool 

     This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV 

     Presidential Diamonds earn 3 shares.

Empowerment Pool Bonus

     This pool is made up of 1 percent of Global PV

     Silvers and Premiers who personally enroll a new member with 100 PV earn one share

     No extra shares are earned and the new member (Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate) needs to have a 100 PV initial order placed during the month to qualify

As you personally enroll and mentor builders on your team to achieve new ranks you can earn additional shares in these pools! For example, if you are a qualifying Gold and one of your personally enrolled builders achieves Elite for the first time, you will get an extra share from the Leadership Performance Pool.

Amazing, well-educated and talented people are being attracted to doTERRA because of its integrity, products and the amount of good it does. Also, in reality doTERRA is for anyone who considers creating a new income. I can tell you that if I can do it, anyone can do it. I just want to share with you that I am eternally grateful that I started this business back in 2010. It has brought so much peace of mind, flexibility, so I can raise my 3 children and have enough income coming in monthly. 

Among the many blessings it has allowed me to enjoy is the ability to visit my extended family in Bulgaria often with my husband and children. It is very important for me to stay connected with my roots and to give my children that opportunity too has been priceless. I would love to sit down with you and make a plan for your new adventure. 

Feel free to contact me or click below if you are ready to join.

I will contact you just a couple of days after joining and we can chat about which path in doTERRA you pick. Freedom to choose is one of my core values. Feel free to choose whatever your heart desires. I just want to make sure you are supported in any of your choices. I have many free resources both for the customer and business builder that I will be happy to share with you.

If you have any questions click on the button below to connect with me.
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